About Us

Our Vision

To develop long term strategic relationships with innovative companies providing them with seamlessly integrated product development and manufacturing solutions.

Launched in 2002, MD Precision set out to improve product development, for high-tech start-up ventures and international corporations alike, in the medical and pre-clinical equipment sectors. Since then, continued growth has given us the opportunity to expand into other industries.

MD Precision Delivers the Highest Level of Performance & Quality Throughout Your Product Development

People Who Add Value to Your Vision

Our engineers do more than just understand technical specifications and compliance regulations; they grasp concepts, add value and turn ideas into reality.

Equipment & Facilities to Develop & Manufacture Precision Products

Staffed by qualified technicians throughout, our fully-equipped Toronto-area research, design and manufacturing plant is ready for rapid prototyping, and low- and high-volume production runs. Whether you require a “one off”, or mass production, we have the precision equipment and facilities to make it happen.

Strategic Partnerships So You Only Have to Make One Call

We work with a select roster of strategic partners who each bring unique talents and capabilities to help fulfill your requirements – whatever they may be – in local markets or around the world.


“MD Precision has for many years provided excellent engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities that has enabled VisualSonics to focus on our core areas of technology and product development. They are extremely flexible and fluid in there ability to provide engineering services as required for highly sophisticated mechanical projects. This allows continuity in the manufacture of components and subsystems and is a cost effective way of providing elasticity to the changing demands on engineering, staffing and product release.”

Desmond Hirson

Vice President, Engineering and General Manager FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc