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Product Development Solutions

Our group of engineers and designers can help realize your product visions, while providing support and advice to achieve the best possible outcome for your product. This starts with the design/prototyping phase and moves through commercial release of your product.

Product Planning Roadmap

Together we create an efficient and practical path for you to release your product on schedule.

Concept Generation & Validation

We can help you quickly prove concepts, test their feasibility and understand their costs.

Mechanical, Electrical Engineering

Our engineers solve complex problems and think creatively to help with your product design.

Industrial Design

Our team takes your product design to the next level to optimize the function, value and appearance of your product to appeal to the end user.


Our rapid prototyping services, including 3D Printing, will help you gain a competitive advantage and reduce time-to-market.

Value Engineering

With many years of product development and manufacturing expertise, we can help design your product for the most efficient processing. We will review and change processes based on required volumes.

Regulatory Support

Our team can offer assistance in choosing the correct testing protocols in order that you meet the required regulatory approvals (IEC 60601, CE Mark)


Developing a robust commercialization plan will help minimize the uncertainty and maximize the success of your product launch.

Supply Chain Management

Our team of planners and buyers will determine the correct inventory levels of parts and sub-assemblies and ensure that suppliers provide the best possible lead times and pricing.

Process Validation

Using a risk analysis (FMEA) we can determine which processes are “special” and require full validation.

Device Assembly

Assembly of your system will be performed by qualified and trained technicians in our ISO 13485 registered facility, with appropriate inspections and testing.

Packaging & Sterilization Management

We can help you choose the correct sterilization process for your product and manage the packaging and sterilization validation along with coordinating production quantities.

Stocking and Distribution

We are able to provide any level of service, up to and including the stocking and shipment of finished, tested, labelled and packaged devices, direct to your customer site. We can also stock service parts for your product.

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